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NeuroVisual Medicine Training Program

8. Exam Room Handouts

a. CFLs – The rest of the story

Download (PDF, 416KB)

b. Craniosacral Therapy – Wikipedia

Download (DOC, 203KB)

c. Discovery of SSCD – Johns Hopkins 6-4-13

Download (DOC, 110KB)

d. Effects of drugs on eye movement 12-4-07

Download (XLS, 33KB)

e. Father of Vertical Heterophoria – George T Stevens

Download (PDF, 864KB)

f. Forty Things I needed most Jill Bolte Taylor PhD

Download (PDF, 152KB)

g. Refractive Lens Exchange

Download (DOC, 29KB)

h. Subliminal Flicker

Download (DOC, 62KB)

i. Yoga Spirit & Wellness

Download (PDF, 490KB)

j. Exam Room Books

Download (PDF, 25KB)

k. Dizzy Diary Sheet

Download (PDF, 450KB)

l. Headache Diary Sheet

Download (PDF, 258KB)

m. Diet Journal for Dizziness and Headache

Download (PDF, 416KB)

n. Sports-Related Concussions: Call for Hearing Healthcare to Get into the Game

Download (PDF, 2.49MB)

o. POTS Disorder Derails the Young and Healthy 2-26-14

Download (DOC, 62KB)

p. Brain Stimulator Shown to Reduce ‘Untreatable’ Epileptic Seizures

Download (DOC, 29KB)

 q. Fourth Nerve Palsy

Download (PDF, 72KB)