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NeuroVisual Medicine Training Program

10. Library

a. Old Medical Record System (see 3. Correspondence Forms and Templates)

c. Lopsided Lincoln- Laser scans reveal facial defect

Download (DOC, 27KB)

d. Effects of drugs on eye movement

Download (XLS, 34KB)

e. Kraus – Physical Complaints, medical service use TBI 6 mos longitudinal study

Download (PDF, 234KB)

f. Zelenski- Neuro Optometry and TBI

Download (PDF, 251KB)

g.i. Metamorphasis

Download (DOC, 38KB)

g.ii. Paradigm Shifts and Pearls

Download (DOC, 71KB)

h. Treating Patients with Brain Injuries

Download (DOC, 8.92MB)

i. Clinical Oculomotor Training in Traumatic Brain Injury

Download (PDF, 253KB)

 j. The Prescribing of Prisms in Clinical Practice

Download (PDF, 91KB)

 k. Measuring ADHD in Children Study

Download (PDF, 128KB)