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NeuroVisual Medicine Training Program

a. Pre-Course Material

i. Learning Coding Guidelines Allows For Good Patient Care

Download (PDF, 6.8MB)

ii. How to download a copy of George T

Download (DOC, 27KB)

iii. Neuro-ophto lecture with animation

Part 1: vimeo.com/2978888

Part 2: vimeo.com/3124670

iv. EOM Function and Pathophys

Download (DOC, 24KB)

v. How To Write A Consult

Download (DOC, 99KB)

vi. Differential Dx of Strabismus and Diplopia

The most important aspects of this video are the CN III, IV and VI lesions, though the other maladies are interesting.

Download f.-Differential-Dx-of-Strabismus-and-Diplopia.pdf (PDF, 116 MB)

vii. Brownlow – Fees 10-12-13

Download (PDF, 4.12MB)

viii. The Patient Pre-Visit Experience – filling out the paperwork

Download (DOC, 38KB)

ix. Article on POTS (by Grubb)

Download (PDF, 3.97MB)

x. Articles on SSCD

Download (PDF, 1009KB)

Download (DOC, 84KB)

xi. Article on MAV

Download (PDF, 876KB)

xii. Double Trouble, Parts 1-3

Download (PDF, 6.93MB)