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NeuroVisual Medicine Training Program

6. Exam Room Handouts

a. Craniosacral Therapy
Sometimes after a traumatic brain injury patients who suffer from overall neck/back tension can benefit from craniosacral therapy.

Download (DOC, 203KB)


b. Effects of Drugs on Eye Movements

Download (XLS, 33KB)


c. Forty Things I Needed Most
Sometimes it is difficult for family members to understand how patients feel after a brain injury. This is an article that can be handed to family members to help them gain a little insight into their relatives condition.

Download (PDF, 99KB)


d. Subliminal Flicker – Richard Conrad, Ph.D
After a traumatic brain injury patients can become sensitive to flicker/fluorescent lighting. Richard Conrad’s website provides two articles that contain a great response to this sensitivity.

Download (PDF, 82KB)

Download (DOC, 62KB)


e. Dr. Debby’s Library

Download (DOCX, 12KB)


f. Dizzy Diary Sheet

Download (PDF, 450KB)


g. Headache Diary Sheet

Download (PDF, 258KB)


h. Diet Journal for Dizziness/Headaches

Download (PDF, 416KB)


i. Brain Stimulator Shown to Reduce ‘Untreatable’ Epileptic Seizures

Download (DOC, 29KB)


j. Fourth Nerve Palsy

Download (DOC, 28KB)