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NeuroVisual Medicine Training Program

7. Case Reports

Case Report 1

Ergonomic Lens Design Change Reduces Anxiety   

Case Report 2

VH with Visual Field Defect Following Stroke 

Case Report 3

Left Eye SOP Resulting from Auto Accident 

Case Report 4

SOP Uncovered by New Gait Test  

Case Report 5

Serpentine Induced by Improper Prism Correction (1/2)  

Case Report 6

Serpentine Induced by Improper Prism Correction (2/2)  

Case Report 7

TBI-Related SOP  

Case Report 9

Hearing Loss in One Ear 

Case Report 10

Dizziness Only With Head Movement  

Case Report 11

Vein Ablation in Leg Contributes to Symptoms of Lightheadedness and Poor Balance 

Case Report 12

Vertical Heterophoria Right Eye  

Case Report 13

Holly B. Works Most of the Time, but Some SOP Patients are not Able to Adapt to Any Bifocal  

Case Report 14

SSI of 80 Reduces to Almost 0 After Initially Treating for Vertical Heterophoria  

Case Report 15

Vertical prism helps with reading 

Case Report 16

Dizziness and Headache

Case Report 17

Reading Difficulties, Headaches, and Light Sensitivity

Case Report 18

Diplopia Due to Inferior Oblique Palsy

Case Report 19

Vertical Heterophoria and Sound Sensitivity

Case Report 20

Treatment with atropine drops ineffective for patient with BVD

Case Report 21

Inferior Oblique Muscle Damage

Case Report 22

Dizziness and Anxiety Improved with Prism Glasses

Case Report 23

Dizzy Spells and Difficulty with Reading

Case Report 24

Prism Helps with Right Eye Discomfort / Pulling

Case Report 25

Atypical SOP Correction

Case Report 26

Nausea and S.O.P.