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NeuroVisual Medicine Training Program

6. Research, Statistics and Publications

a. Abstract – HA poster – AHS 2012

Download (DOC, 29KB)

b. Anxiety Poster content – ADAA 2012

Download (DOC, 3.26MB)

c. ADAA Poster – Final

Download (PDF, 1.43MB)

d. TBI poster content – IBIA – 2012

Download (DOC, 3.29MB)

e. IBIA Poster – Final

Download (PDF, 1.26MB)

f. Dizzy Poster content – AAO-HNS 2012

Download (DOC, 1.44MB)

g. AAO-HNS Poster – Final

Download (PPT, 1.46MB)

h. Sxs of VH 8-31-12 with percentages

Download (DOC, 38KB)

i. Sxs of VH 9-21-12 with percentages and Red


Download (DOC, 40KB)

j. BVDQ – with domains and Red Flags identified 9-16-13

Download (DOC, 83KB)

k. Pediatric BVDQ with Domains and Red Flags identified

Download (DOC, 78KB)

l. Results and Symptoms for 126 pts 8-31-12

Download (DOC, 235KB)

m. PMR Journal – TBI Binoc Vision Dysfunction – PM R 2010_2_244-253

Download (PDF, 703KB)