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NeuroVisual Medicine Training Program

What Our Graduates Are Saying

Are you looking for a way to differentiate your private practice from all others?

Watch this video to learn how this training has assisted our graduates in building their practice.

  • Learn about NeuroVisual Medicine, and how you can function as a subspecialist by using prismatic lenses to treat headache, dizziness, anxiety, motion sickness, nausea, neck pain, ADHD, learning / reading challenges, gait imbalance and light sensitivity.
  • You will experience the joy and satisfaction of being a healer, by markedly reducing or eliminating severe debilitating and painful symptoms.
  • You will expand your pool of potential patients, as at least 10% of the general population will require your services.
  • You will receive referrals from your medical colleagues, including Ophthalmologists.
  • This financially viable practice model is based upon seeing only 8-10 patients per day.

If you are interested in becoming a trained NeuroVisual Specialist, please click here